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August 31, 2012


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Andrea...i was so moved by this post and want you to know it spoke straight to me and hit home. Yes, marriage is NOT a fairy tale, and it seems the longer one is married we become comfortable with things. I think perhaps it's time to become "uncomfortable" and begin living again like the first time we were married! Thank you for the inspiration - and a VERY happy anniversary to you and your "chief"!!
All the best

Terry Frias

Oh my God that made me cry and laugh! Happy Anniverdary to both of you! May you celebrate about a hundred more. I love you....Terry

Dawn Cychner

Happy anniversary to two very special and beautiful people! Love you guys!


Congratulations my friend , you and frank defied all the rules, got married so young, of course it wouldn't work or last....but here you both are 21 years later making it work through better and worse. I know you have many more years to come and that whole empty nest thing right around the corner ! Happy anniversary friend!


Thank you so much for posting this! I am very close to where you are, 18 years coming up, and 3 kids just a bit younger. My husband is not soldier but he has that hard outer shell that goes up a lot! And yes, there are silent times when we just work around each other. And yes, I feel like emotionally I have to work so much harder than him just to break through. But like you said, when you put in the love and the work and the time, and you do break through, it's the best! To get those great over the top times, you have to also deal with the opposite end of the spectrum. Thank you posting!!


Congratulations Andrea! You family is beautiful! We just celebrated 20 years also and it's amazing to look at all the years.

Elaine The Left Pea

All I can say is, "OMG" I feel that I have watch ALL of you grow before my eyes........I'am soooo proud of you and Frank!!! You both have raised a beautiful family :)

Lori Franklin

Thank you for a wonderful post! I especially loved the 'fairy tale' scenarios!


Beautiful, Andrea....and perfectly said. Happy Anniversary to both of you, wishing you many more.

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