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October 15, 2014


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I am so grateful!! Thank you for sharing what you love with me. It means so very much to me. No more what ifs!

Beth Leintz

I can sure relate to those feelings, being afraid of disappointing someone with something I've made, especially if its a custom order that they are buying without seeing. Whenever Ive said that to a customer they have almost always said if its stitched (in my case) with love, it will be beautiful. I know you've made your rosaries with love (and beauty). They'll bring a lot of joy to whoever owns them. Good for you for sharing them!


You always create what you love. Never anything less. It is only about that romance. What others say, think, do has no bearing. You just have to believe your treasured pieces will be treasured by their new owners. They are lovely!


Your work is not only beautiful but with such heart and such meaning I so understand how you feel. Maybe you can do baby steps and just sell when a friend asks and tells you how much they love it? That way you will know they will love it and appreciate the love you put in it. Then later on you can revisit if you want to sell. Also maybe at an even you can sell a few.. I think that people who look at these beautiful pieces will definately appreciate it and you. Grace xoox

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