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October 06, 2014


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Cheryl Stoneham

So glad I could join in the weekend, at least by your pictures. Glad you two had an awesome time! Next year...I'm SO there along with you! xo


Oh my what a beautiful adventure! You did not have French Fries you had frites (french) sounds much more elegant on your adventure lol Beautiful pictures and a great friend indeed but looks like she was having a wonderful time too. Grace

Erin Barraza

Oh Andrea, this post made me laugh! The fun that we had and the memories we shared will be cherished always. I will gladly be your lace loving, textile buying, french fry eating partner in crime any time :) I've got to start working on the girls now for next May but count me in!!

P.S. Wondering why this post did not mention owls once? Lol


Sounds like fun was had by all!!!!! And now you're off to Art Camp! I want your life! I did get to go to Florida for Michelle Duke's Gypsy Circus Event... had a stomach bug first day of class & had a flight cancellation going home. But, we're going to try it again in a couple of weeks & can't wait to see you at Joy's. HUGS!

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